Dwarf Varieties

The wonderful thing about Dwarf Tomatoes are that there are many great varieties to chose from and more and more are being created every year. Below is a list of the many varieties available today. Just click the name for more information and a description of the variety.

The Benefits of Dwarf Tomatoes.

  • Plants are sturdy, attractive and productive!
  • Plants vary in height from 2 to 4.5 feet, requiring less caging or trellising.
  • Dark and dense (rugose) foliage, thick central stem.
  • Tomatoes of all sizes and shapes, including some large fruits up to 18 ounces.
  • Easy to grow in pots, on balconies. Wherever space is limited.

Dwarf Varieties: Please click a variety for more information.

Adelaide Festival Chocolate Lighting Geranium Kiss
AftershockCitron Compact Golden Gypsy
AlenkaConfetti Golden Heart
Andy’s FortyCopperhead Husky Gold Select
Antho StripeCoorong Pink Husky Pink
Artic RoseCoral Jade Beauty
AwesomeCossacks Japanese Dwarf
Balkan TigerCrimson Sockeye Kangaroo Paw Brown
Bankasia QueenDean’s Haley’s Rainbow Kangaroo Paw Green
Barossa FestDelta River Yellow Kangaroo Paw Yellow
Beauty King DesperadoKoocaburra Crackle
Bendigo Moon Lemon Ice
Beryl BeautyEcho Lime Green Salad
Blazing Beauty Egypt YellowLoxton Lad
Bonte’ Tigret Emerald Giant Maf’s Brown #9
Boronia Father FrostMahagony Dwarf
Boxer Rebellion Firebird SweetMandurang Moon
Brandyfred Franklin CountyMaralinga Dwarf
Bundaberg Rumball Fred’s Tie DyeMalanie’s Ballet
Caitydid Furry BumblebeeMoliagul Moon
Cherokee Tiger Black Fuzzy WuzzyMongolian Dwarf
Chocolate Champion GeishaNew Big Dwarf
Orange CremeSeven NomesWherokowhai
Pepper-Like StripedShadow BoxingWild Fred
Peppermint StripesSilvery Fir TreeWild Spudleaf
Perth PrideSleeping LadyWilla’s Cariboo
Pink PassionSneaky SauceWindow Dwarf
Pit ViperSnow FairytaleYamal Dwarf Early
Purple HeartStreak Legal
Purple ReignSturt Desert Pea
Purple TigerSummertime Gold
Quarter CenturySweet Adelaide
Red Heart
Red House Free StandingSweet Sue
Regiment CommanderTanunda Red Dwarf
Rosella PurpleTasmania Chocolate
RumpelstiltskinTasty Wine
Russian SwirlTennessee Suited
Sarah’s RedThong
SarandipityUluru Ochre
Saucy MaryVelvet Night
Scoresby DwarfVictorian Dwarf
Sean’s Yellow DwarfWaratah